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Exterior Cry of the Loon
Porch Cry of the Loon
Detail Cry of the Loon
Dining Room Cry of the Loon
Stone Fireplace Cry of the Loon
Bathroom Cry of the Loon

Cry of the Loon

Our empty-nester clients wanted to create a legacy home ready to host friends and a multi-generational family. Unabashed fans of modern architecture, they sought a modern yet rustic lake house that took full advantage of a spectacular lakeside setting -- a former resort called Cry of the Loon -- in Northern Minnesota. While the home's form and massing is decidedly modern, the materials are rustic.


Sustainability was forefront in our clients' minds, so we responded with local materials, geothermal heating and cooling, triple glazing, and foam insulation. The resulting open and light-filled home is designed with large informal gathering in mind; thus the ample decks, porch, and terrace addressing the lake and its long views.

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