Exterior, Lynnhurst Transitional
Kitchen, Lynnhurt Transitional
Breakfast Room Lynnhurt Transitional
Dining Room Lynnhurst Transitional
Bathroom Lynnhurst Transitional
Basement Lynnhurst Transitional

Lynnhurst Transitional

The existing kitchen of this transitional-style home was a tiny, closed in room, and the were four bedrooms to one bathroom upstairs -- clients called on us to make the spaces more livable and open.


The house is situated on a generous double lot, allowing us to add on. This provided room for an open and light filled kitchen with a new master bathroom above. The original kitchen space was turned into a mud room and powder room. A new basement area greatly expanded the family lounge. We freshened up the rest of the house to match the homeowners bright design tastes.