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Exterior of Sunset Oaks
Entryway Sunset Oaks
Dining Room Sunset Oaks
Living Room Sunset Oaks
Kitchen of Sunset Oaks
Staircase of Sunset Oaks
Bathroom Sink Sunset Oaks
Bathoom Sunset Oaks

Sunset Oaks

Our clients, both from out-state Minnesota, bought property adjacent to a significant expanse of wetlands and set out to create a home for their family. They wanted the house to be close to nature, yet not at all rustic, so they gravitated towards the sophistication of a transitional style. Having only a small build-able area on their acreage, we were able to site the house with long views in several directions. Planning for the future, the couple left spaces unfinished (basement and room above the garage) and a few more unbuilt (a screened porch and adjacent deck and some built in cabinetry).

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